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Exemplar Global is the new name for RABQSA International and iNARTE. As a global organisation, we want to be the go-to-people for professionals seeking personnel certification of their skills and training providers wanting to get third party accreditation of their courses. Exemplar Global personnel certification customers include auditors, engineers, technicians and consultants. Our training providers include organisations that train auditors, higher education institutions and corporations that train staff and customers. To get an idea as to the customers we serve, you can Search for Certified Individuals or Organizations?right here on our website.

If you are an association or organisation and want to leverage our industry accreditations and experience to design, build and manage a tailored certification program, then our Custom Certification Development Service is applicable to you.

As we all know, in ever competitive global markets, gaining any advantage is vital. Through our extensive range of international personnel and training certification and assessment products, Exemplar Global provides third party endorsement of what you do. That gives our customers a point of difference that they market, to gain that competitive advantage and provides evidence of their commitment to quality and staff competency.

With a community of over 15,000 professionals to date and over 100 training providers, we can help open doors for a global career as a certified professional or make training providers stand out from the crowd and in doing so find new revenue streams through our accreditation.

It makes sense to them, so why not take advantage of the benefits that certification brings for you as a professional or for your organisation as a training provider?

At Exemplar Global we hold industry accreditations,?including?JAS-ANZ?and?InMetro, ensuring that customers benefit from international recognition of our personnel and training certifications and assessments. We network extensively with global certification bodies to align our products with the demands of industry and to meet new auditing trends for areas, such as Security Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems. Our certifications are streamed into Industry based schemes, such as Environmental Management Systems, or Management based schemes, such as Frozen Food Inspection. We have put together this short infographic to explain further.

Professionals can assess their competency through online exams to determine what is required to get certified for certain accreditations, explore our ‘What We Offer’ section to find out more.

At Exemplar Global we also want to be seen as thought leaders through our blogs and forums. We are actively pioneering moves to see younger professionals making auditing a full time career as well as encouraging more women to join the profession. Our extensive range of products and services can help start you on that journey if this is you. Join in the various discussions, follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook, or also follow our CEO Peter Holtmann on Twitter, plus we have our own exclusive Exemplar Global online forum community.

So whether you are just browsing, looking to apply for personnel certification, want to discuss how we could add value to you as a training provider or want us to develop and manage a new certification for your organisation. We want to start a conversation with you today!

Our History

Exemplar Global is RABQSA International and iNARTE (a specialist in certification for professionals working in telecommunications). Two organisations, which in their own right, have been around for many years as established leaders in the field of personnel and training certifications. Together they form Exemplar Global. We are an independent, not for profit organisation with Australian charity status with shared headquarters in both the USA and Australia. Exemplar Global reports to the American Society of Quality (ASQ), the leading quality organisation for Professionals in the USA.

Benefits of Certification

What is the value in gaining and then maintaining a personnel certification? As a training provider why get your training course certified? Maybe your organisation is considering developing a certification internally?

The team at Exemplar Global is passionate about what they do. So here are a few pointers for you to consider:

Benefits for Professionals
  • Professionals demonstrating a commitment to quality excellence standout compared with colleagues who don’t. You have worked hard developing your skills. So give yourself a career advantage; differentiate yourself through certification.
  • International products for an international customer community. Holding certification means we can help you open new doors for your career, globally.
  • We offer a complete choice, through the widest range available internationally of competency and qualification based certifications and Scopes.
Benefits for Training Providers
  • Our certifications give training providers physical proof that your courses meet current industry standards. That proof gives you a competitive edge. Proof that builds trust with customers and adds value. Make your organisation stand out from the crowd, gain an advantage and help find new revenue.
  • Employees demonstrating a higher level of industry competency build a powerful skills platform that can be shared across the organisation. We help add value to your education schemes.
  • As an organisation we understand how to build certifications, we have the widest range of accreditations ourselves plus we offer the widest range of certification products, globally. Giving you more choice than anyone else. So why invest your dollars doing something we have already done?

What People Think About Us

OK, so we know everyone claims this but we really put our customers at the heart of our organisation and always encourage feedback, visit our Highly Recommended page to hear straight from the horse's mouth.

Why Choose Us

Whilst we have listed out many of the benefits of gaining certification, we think it’s all about giving you choice and making it easy to get those benefits. It’s why many professionals choose our services and products. At Exemplar Global we are the only international organisation to offer both competency and qualification-based assessments, giving you the widest range of options to make sure you choose what is right for you to achieve and maintain internationally recognised professional certification. If you need some advice on the benefits of competency or qualification assessments , read all about it on our main 'Certify Me' page.

At Exemplar Global our team speaks your language! You can find our principal offices in Sydney, Australia, Milwaukee, USA with international offices located in Korea. Brazil, Cyprus, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey, and Seoul Branch offices located in China and Vietnam.